High Absorption Rate Desiccant for Moisture Control

High Absorption Rate Desiccant for Moisture Control

Silica gel is a hygroscopic agent that effectively regulates the relative humidity levels in the surrounding area. It is a traditional and harmless desiccant that can be used in various applications such as medicine bottles, food packaging, drying flowers, preventing shoe mold and electronic product packaging to absorb moisture and water vapor. Effectively absorbs moisture and moisture to help reduce the chance of mold growth and food spoilage.

Desiccant consists of silicon dioxide (SiO2), also found in quartz. It contains one silicon atom and two oxygen atoms. In 1919, Walter Patrick, a professor of chemistry at Johns Hopkins University, patented an acid that could treat sodium silicate to create the desiccant. When dried, the substance transforms into a desiccant that effectively absorbs moisture in high-humidity environments.


Control moisture and prevent mold growth

Silica Gel: Tiny Pores Absorb 40% Weight, Reduce Humidity, and Preserve Dryness

Silica gel microparticles possess minute openings that can assimilate 40% of their mass, diminishing relative humidity (RH) by up to 40% within a sealed container. The pores of the desiccant attract water molecules, adhering to the surface of each gel particle, preventing moisture infiltration.

Even at full saturation, the silica bead particles remain arid due to capillary condensation. When the desiccant reaches its saturation point, it can be regenerated by heating it to 300ºF (150ºC) to expel moisture. Our line includes silica gel packets crafted in Singapore, containing up to 1000 grams of silica gel for prolonged storage purposes.

Our colorless silica gel is devoid of scent, taste, corrosiveness, and reactivity to chemicals. The desiccant is secure for direct food packaging, being non-hazardous and solely absorbing moisture from enclosed areas. By employing a humidity indicator card, you can oversee the desiccant's replacement requirements, ensuring its enduring efficacy.


Affordable Moisture Management Solutions with Indicating Desiccants


For those in need of a desiccant that clearly signals its moisture-absorbing capacity, we present blue-indicating silica gel, infused with cobalt chloride, maintaining a blue tint until encountering moisture. Upon saturation, it changes color (typically to pink or red), indicating the necessity for replacement. This desiccant is ideal for applications in transformer breathers or electronics.

Alternatively, our environmentally conscious option, known as orange-indicating desiccants, incorporates a safe organic indicator, methyl-violet. As it absorbs moisture, its orange hue gradually transforms to green, signifying it has almost reached full capacity and requires replacement or reactivation. These desiccants are eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and free from heavy metals.



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