30-60mesh Pyrolysis Oil Decoloring And Deodorizing

The product is white granule, the main component is Silicon dioxide. It can filtering
impurities and oxides directly in the oil by filtration, integrating impurity removal, deodorization and separation, making the
blackened oil into light transparent liquid, and the acid value and color of processed diesel meet the national fuel standard.

30-60mesh Pyrolysis Oil Decoloring And Deodorizing  

30-60mesh Pyrolysis Oil Decoloring And Deodorizing  Product Description

china high purity pure white color silica gel sand for oil refinery decoloration

Silica gel bleaching sand is made of silica gel, it is widely used in waste oil refining, such as waste black diesel oil, red diesel oil ,dark color diesel oil, dark color engine oil(this need pre-treat first before using the silica gel as the bleaching sand) or the pyrolysis oil getting from waste engine oil/waste plastic oil /waste tire oil ect , one ton silica gel can bleach about 50-200tons waste diesel oil, its quantity depend on your diesel oil quality , why choose it ?silica gel have strong absorb ability, thus it can clean more oil than other material,what's more. it no need heating,and it also can reuse 2-3 times

30-60mesh Pyrolysis Oil Decoloring And Deodorizing Application.

  1. Decolorizing, refining and purifying industrial oil such as lubricationg oil, diesel oil, paraffin wax, gasoline, grease, kerosene, white oil etc.
    2. Recycling and regenerating industrial waste oil, such as machine oil, lubricating oil, used engine oil, diesel oil, gasoline, etc.
    3. Decolorizing edible animal and vegetable oil like Cotton seed oil , Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Rapeseed oil, Mustard oil , Peanut oil , Coconut oil , Corn oil , Olive oil, Rice bran oil , Palm oil, Palm-kernel oil, Linseed oil , Castor oil , Jajoba & Canola oils.
    4. Decolorizing and refinement of resin and natrum.
    5. Decolorizing and refining of polyether.
    6. Decolorizing and separating of olefin in arene and alkene, petroleum schizolysis, polymerization and catalysis of oil refinery.

30-60mesh Pyrolysis Oil Decoloring And Deodorizing Specification



Adsorption capacity



Bulk density



Pore volume



Pore size



Specific surface area






Loss on heating

%, ≤





Qualified ratio of the granules


According to customer’s demands







20kg/bag (Out compound bag, inner PE bag)

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30-60mesh Pyrolysis Oil Decoloring And Deodorizing  Factory Introduction

Our lineup of desiccant and adsorbent products from our factory is available in a wide variety of compounds and features, consistently ranking at the forefront of the moisture-absorbing industry's demand. Our products take the lead across diverse sectors such as food safety, pharmaceuticals, electronics, transportation, textiles, and many more. Utilizing advanced technology, we offer effective moisture solutions that encompass ozone hygiene, atmospheric packaging, as well as odor and moisture control. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch products of the highest quality, accompanied by unparalleled customer service. Our manufacturing operations primarily revolve around the production of silica gel. With our inception dating back to 1992, we are proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our specialization involves the creation of top-tier silica gel beads and crystals, renowned for their excellence. These desiccants offer comprehensive protection against moisture-related issues.

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Our Team For 30-60mesh Pyrolysis Oil Decoloring And Deodorizing 

Customer Feedback About 30-60mesh Pyrolysis Oil Decoloring And Deodorizing 

1.Most of customers are satisfied with our price and quality, all of them think it is not easy to find a professional manufacture for the silica gel who can supply it at a competitive price.

2.  All customer of us are satisfied with our lead time for the sampling order and the bulk order.

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Frenquently Asked Questions About 30-60mesh Pyrolysis Oil Decoloring And Deodorizing 

1. How about your quality? We have professional engineers and technicians for quality control, and each batch of products has corresponding inspection reports. We are willing to check and customize according to customer orders. 2. Can you provide OEM/ODM services? yes 3.Can you give me a free sample? Yes, but the freight will be borne by you. 4. This amount will be returned to you or deducted from your future order amount. T/T: 100% T/T in advance, 30% T/T in advance, the remaining 70% shall be paid before shipment, and irrevocable letter of credit at sight. 5. What is the delivery time of your products? We usually start production after receiving payment. According to the quantity of goods, it usually lasts about 7-20 days. 6. How about your after-sales service? If there is a product quality problem, we will replace it for you free of charge. If there is a problem, we will try our best to find the best solution and give you satisfactory feedback. 7. What can you buy from us? Silica gel bleaching sand, cat litter, micro silica gel, fine pore silica gel, blue silica gel, etc 8. Why buy from us instead of other suppliers? The company's core team has more than 30 years of experience in the silicone industry, has the most mature technology and experience, and can provide customized services for customers. We have a complete technical after-sales team, which can find the best solution according to different customer feedback.