High Quality Macroporous Silica Gel For Beer Stabilizer

Orange silica gel classified by shape: orange silica gel beads and orange silica gel granules. If classified by color, we have purple, orange red and yellow. Its main content is silicon dioxide and it can change color to show the relative humidity in the air. Compared with blue silica gel, orange silica gel doesn’t contain cobalt chloride, so it’s non-toxic and harmless.

High Quality Macroporous Silica Gel For Beer Stabilizer

High Quality Macroporous Silica Gel For Beer Stabilizer Properties:

The silica gel can prolong beer storage period by 180-240 days and keep beer from being cold turbidity. 

It does not affect the beer foam or taste. Thanks to its superior physical and chemical properties, it does not have any bad effect on the beer foam or taste.

High Quality Macroporous Silica Gel For Beer Stabilizer Application:

Agent used to create and keep clarity in a beer during storage and chilling. The murkiness that can arise, called chillhaze, is the result of a reaction between the special proteins and polyphenols. Both of these components are present in beer, produced to selectable adsorb the unwanted proteins in the beer. Only the proteins that contribute in the making of chillhaze are adsorbed. Flavor, aroma, color and foaming capabilities are not affected. It is not an additive in the beer, but later filtered out of the beer during the diatomite filtration.

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High Quality Macroporous Silica Gel For Beer Stabilizer Specifications


Non-crystalline micro-porous solid powder. Non-toxic, tasteless, flame-resisting.

Nonexplosive, SiO2 content:≥98%.Stable under hot or cold atmosphere

High Quality Macroporous Silica Gel For Beer Stabilizer Images

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High Quality Macroporous Silica Gel For Beer Stabilizer

Our lineup of desiccant and adsorbent products from our factory is available in a wide variety of compounds and features, consistently ranking at the forefront of the moisture-absorbing industry's demand. Our products take the lead across diverse sectors such as food safety, pharmaceuticals, electronics, transportation, textiles, and many more. Utilizing advanced technology, we offer effective moisture solutions that encompass ozone hygiene, atmospheric packaging, as well as odor and moisture control. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch products of the highest quality, accompanied by unparalleled customer service. Our manufacturing operations primarily revolve around the production of silica gel. With our inception dating back to 1992, we are proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our specialization involves the creation of top-tier silica gel beads and crystals, renowned for their excellence. These desiccants offer comprehensive protection against moisture-related issues.

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Frenquently Asked Questions High Quality Macroporous Silica Gel For Beer Stabilizer

Q1 : What is your Popular Package Size?

Silica Gel Cat Litter Popular package: 3.6L 1.5 kg , 5L  2.8 kg,7.6L 3kg;Tofu Cat Litter, Type: Normal 3.0 diameter Striped; 2.0 diameter Striped;Also can do any size as to your special request. MOQ : 1 Tons (357-400 Bags) Package: 6/8/10 Bags/Carton

Q2 : What is your MOQ?

MOQ: 1 Tons, Sizes can be Mixed one container.

Q3 : Do you offer free samples?
Yes, free samples are ok, but if Shipping express cost is too high, we hope we can share it. Or customer pay it, and we will
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Q4 : How long the order will be finished?
If you need make your own brand bags, Bags need 2 weeks finished, and for Cat Litter 3 days is ok.

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Yes, we have our own Package Bags factory, have professional designer, can design the package as to your special request. Can Print your own Brand on the package.